Private Banking & Wealth Management Reinvented 

Digital Private Banking. Next Generation Wealth Management.  
All-in-one Finance On-the-go. Mobile First.

Reinventing Private Banking 
and Wealth Management

We have built a next generation private bank and wealth management. Global, digital, mobile, low cost & high quality. We meet your needs in finance at your convenience, in real-time, 24/7.

End-to-end digital, mobile first - you can bank, manage and grow your wealth using all necessary information and data you need to make financial decisions.

The wealth you have created is a result of your hard work, ingenuity, creativity, persistence and determination. You owe it to yourself. Why should you rely on others to grow your wealth?

Traditional banks serve their high net worth clients in special departments called Private Banking & Wealth Management. And their main goal is to grow their own profits. They do it through perfectly trained sales teams, called the advisors. Marketing narration make you believe they are the ones who can take care of your money better way than yourself.

This is a false truth. For at least two reasons. Firstly, traditional banks and wealth management firms, declaring the client’s goals as a top priority actually focus on their own profits. Secondly, digital revolution completely changes the way we live, learn, work and do business.

We prove that digital revolution is not on you, it is in fact you making banking and wealth management change in order to fit the life you live.

Now, in the digital world, you do not have to waste your time visiting the bank’s branch, no matter how luxurious, how hard the advisors try to prove they know more about your money than you.

We have built a next generation private bank and wealth management. Global, digital, mobile, low cost & high quality. We meet your needs in finance at your convenience - in real-time, 24/7. End-to-end digital, mobile first - you can bank, manage and grow your wealth by yourself equipped with all the necessary tools and information at hand. Our revolutionary mobile app makes this attractive vision real.

We are based on Gibraltar, The British Overseas Territory and Crown Dependency, the top European location for global banking.

Digital Private Banking 

No branches but professional support via video and chat. Free of charge global bank account in four currencies and multicurrency debit card make it convenient and extremely efficient to pay, invest, exchange and transfer funds worldwide. Fast and Easy Digital Onboarding available within 10 minutes no matter where you are. Only an Internet connection and ID card required. 

You can open a global account from any country in the world within ten minutes. Fully digital sign-up process saves you time and trouble. Our mobile application or internet banking will lead you through the video identification of your ID. You have just started global banking and wealth management. The fastest and easiest way in the world.

Next Generation Wealth Management

For self-directed Customers who want to be in control of their finances in real-time, manage and increase wealth by themselves. Anytime, anywhere, simple and convenient worldwide brokerage and investment portfolio management integrated with banking. We provide all the necessary information, tools and digital platform, you make decisions executed in real-time.

You can preserve, grow and manage your wealth globally, autonomously, by yourself. You can invest in a set of investment portfolios managed by us or trade stocks, bonds and ETFs on the world’s biggest stock markets. You can track and manage your investments 24/7, in real-time through fully functional mobile application seamlessly converting your wealth between personal accounts, savings, brokerage and portfolios.

All-in-one Finance On-the-Go. Mobile First.

Banking & Wealth Management seamlessly integrated in revolutionary mobile app at your disposal. Digitally empowered customers in full control of all banking and investment needs, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

You can manage your money and capital on your smartphone, in real-time and worldwide. You are enabled to bank and manage your global savings, investments, spending and global finance with non-existing so far digitally integrated banking and investments. You are in full control of all your banking and investments needs 24/7 via a mobile app. Efficient mobile interface, intuitive navigation and simplified procedures create highly-tailored service for highly demanding clients.


Golden Sand Bank is a trading name of G-Rock Ltd, a company registered in Gibraltar. G-Rock Ltd is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act 2019 and supporting Regulations to:

  • Conduct deposit taking business and certain other activities;
  • Conduct certain investment services; and
  • Carry on life assurance intermediary financial services.

Currently, G-Rock Ltd is not operational and does not onboard customers. For further details concerning the licences obtained by G-Rock Ltd see Regulated Entites Register on the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission website.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the Golden Sand Bank development, strategy, and plans, ensuring consistency with our vision, mission and guiding principles.

CEO, Sławomir Lachowski

Sławomir is a recognised entrepreneur and leader in Digital Finance within Europe, with extensive experience in senior managerial positions in the banking industry in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe. 

He served as CEO of mBank (subsidiary of Commerzbank in Poland), Executive Vice President, Member of the Management Board and Head of Retail and Corporate Banking of PKO Bank Polski. He has led several start-up banking projects in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Gibraltar. 

Slawomir is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Sand Bank.

CFO, Michał Gruba

Michal is a financial professional with accounting and controlling experience in the banking and insurance industries. He has worked for the Aviva group in the capacity as IFRS champions supporting the adoptions of IFRS global project. He has also worked as an Accounting Operations Manager for the largest Insurance company in Central-Eastern Europe (PZU group).

His latest role before joining Golden Sand Bank was Head of Controls at Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Polish Development Bank). His expertise in both reporting and operational knowledge of accounting processes in the financial services sector is a great asset to the company.

Michał is the Chief Financial Officer of Golden Sand Bank.

COO, Mariusz Zarzycki

Mariusz is an experienced professional with extensive experience within the banking and investment sector. He has held multiple executive roles including Management Board Member for Operations and IT at Bank PKO BP and Polish Post, CIO at mBank, and IT Executive Director at EY. Moreover, Mariusz worked as a project manager for the implementation of several core banking systems. 

Mariusz is the Chief Operating Officer of Golden Sand Bank.

Strategic partnerships

Golden Sand Bank builds its technological business advantage with strategic global tech leaders

We are building our agile core banking system toghether with IBM. We introduce a disruptive business and operating model of mobile first digital bank & wealth management.

Saxo Bank

Together with Saxo Bank we enable private clients to trade multiple asset classes across global financial markets from one single account and across multiple devices.