30th May 2019 | Tomasz Pupka-Lipinski | Head of Business Development

Getting to know you - Investor Profile Questionnaire

Before you start your journey within the financial markets, we will ask you to complete our online Investor Profile Questionnaire. We do this, not only because it is our legal obligation, but also it is vital for us to get to know you, so that our algorithm can assess whether the level of knowledge and experience you possess is appropriate for you to trade on your own using the Multicurrency Brokerage and established Model Portfolio Strategies which will be available for you to choose from on our Platform.

About the Questionnaire

Our Investor Profile Questionnaire consists of two parts – one refering to the Multicurrency Brokerage and the second one to our Portfolios.

In the first part, which consists of five questions, you will be asked to provide information about your investment experience, knowledge and your understanding of the financial instruments that are available on our platform. In case we determine that you do not have enough knowledge and experience you will still be able to trade, however, we will alert you about the risk related to investments before each order is placed.

The second part is a bit longer, as we need to collect more information from you, in order to establish which Model Portfolio Strategies would be available for you to choose from. Apart from your knowledge and experience, you will be asked a set of questions relating to your financial situation, investment goals and risk tolerance.

We understand that your financial situation is a sensitive piece of information, but it is crucial in our assessment process, as it enables us to calculate your risk capacity. Our investment philosophy is concentrated around risk management, however “black swans” sometimes happen and we want to limit the possibility that you lose more than you can prepare for.

Your objective, horizon and appetite for risk

Defining your investment goals is a fundamental part of the process. Think carefully about what your needs are and what are you saving for. What you need to understand when making this choice is that nothing in investments is guaranteed. Higher potential returns come with more risk. Therefore, if you have a specific goal in mind, like retirement or financing your children’s education, you may choose investments that offer lower returns, but are also less risky. On the other hand, if you have some extra cash that you want to invest, you may be able to accept more risky investments, which offer higher potential returns.

The investment horizon is another key element which we take into consideration, as it implies how long you are willing to hold your Portfolio. Normally, with a long-term horizon, investors feel more comfortable to take riskier investment decisions and capitalize on the market volatility. On the other hand, with a short-term horizon, investors need to be careful to avoid riskier investments, as markets often fluctuate and may need time to recover.

The last element of determining your Investor Profile would be to pinpoint your risk tolerance. With just four questions we can determine your attitude towards risk, so we can show you the Model Portfolio Strategy that you will feel most comfortable with.

Check your results and enter the financial markets

Once you submit your answers, our algorithm will conduct an assessment in order to determine whether Multicurrency Brokerage is appropriate for you and select a few Model Portfolio Strategies which would be available for you to choose from, along with the most suitable one. It may be the case, that we do not have a Portfolio which meets your profile and, in this instance, you won’t be able to invest. You should update the Investor Profile Questionnaire anytime the information which has previously been provided has changed, however, you will need to retake it at least once a year.

​​​​​​​Notice: Golden Sand Bank ("Bank") exercised due diligence to ensure that the information contained in this publication was not incorrect or untrue as at the date of publication. All Investment products are at risk, as their value can go down as well as up. The tax treatment of your investment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future. If you are unsure about whether investing is right for you, please seek financial advice. This publication is not an investment recommendation or investment advice in connection with any services provided by the Bank to the Client.

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