14th March 2019 | Natalia Wyżycka | Assistant to the CEO

Studying Overseas – United Kingdom

The UK’s academic reputation is world-renowned, and it has been the preferred destination for some of the most important minds in history. But studying in the UK is not only about excellent academia. The UK offers an exceptional student experience and indefinite number of ways to develop yourself as a human being and expand your horizons.

Studying in England

Hundreds of thousands prospective students flock to the United Kingdom each year enrolling in one of over 50,000 university-level courses within the country. After all, what better place to study in English than in the country that invented the language?

The UK’s academic reputation is world-renowned, and it has been the preferred destination for some of the most important minds in history. One in four world leaders has studied in the UK and 38% of Nobel Prize laureates completed their education there. However, the UK is not only about academia. There is so much more to it. It’s a historical and cultural gem with an array of experiences available to prospective students. The UK’s diversity and cosmopolitism will prove unrivalled. Larger urban areas are also home to people from the most diverse parts of the world and one can immerse themselves into many cultures from across the globe.

While studying in the UK, there will be an indefinite number of ways for you to enjoy yourself, make new friends and acquire new skills. The UK offers an exceptional student experience unlike any other country.

The Education

The United Kingdom is home to two of the world’s highest ranked universities (as per the Times Higher Education), Oxford and Cambridge respectably, with 7 of the country’s schools being featured in the top 50, and 32 being featured in the top 200 worldwide. The wide array of programmes will allow everyone to find a learning course of interest.

Most people have read works by Jane Austin, Charles Dickens and George Orwell, and would have seen Daniel Day-Lewis, Anthony Hopkins, or Vanessa Redgrave headlining the silver screen, and use products by companies such as Glaxo, Unilever and EasyJet, whose CEOs and founders studied in the UK. This shows how important Great Britain has been over the years as an educational hub and what an influence it has had on the worldwide culture. Wouldn’t it be great to be in the midst of it all? Just that alone is a great reason to study in the UK. Being in the epicentre of creativity, intellectual debates and start-ups is an experience that one will carry with them throughout their entire lives. No matter where their lives will lead them after university, they will have an international perspective and foundation set for their future endeavours.

For those, who are after something a little different, the United Kingdom’s schools offer diverse degrees such as Ethical Hacking, Brewing & Distilling and Surf Science & Technology. Perhaps the above doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with the works of Shakespeare, but who knows, maybe Brewing & Distilling may have served as the inspiration for many works of Great Britain’s culture and as such the degree holds a bright future for its graduates.

The Diversity

Most people associate the United Kingdom with England. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The UK comprises of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England, with some of the best universities calling the cities inside them a home. These institutions include the University of Cardiff in Wales, University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

The British Isles are home to more than 150 higher education institutions with more than 2.5 million students. Every fifth student and every third member of university staff come from outside of the UK. In London alone, over 300 languages can be heard.

British universities see cultural pluralism as one of their biggest assets, as being exposed to other cultures helps students develop their creative and critical thinking.

Most of England can be accessed via train and car and the trip from London to Scotland will take only about five to six hours. Wales is even closer. The proximity of the countries and diversity means that students may experience so much more than a campus life.

That life is an experience in itself though. University campuses can range from being entire cities, with shops, restaurants, halls and churches, to being quaint, little buildings with lots of history. Oxford, with a total of 38 colleges and a population of nearly 30,000, would be roughly the size of Gibraltar, just with less traffic.

The Culture

British culture is a whole other thing. We all know Harry Potter, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and the works of the Beatles, but it’s impossible to understand British culture without experiencing it first handed.

The first thing that a prospective student is bound to experience is the ominous rain. It really does rain in England much of the time, not to say most of the time. Sure, the weather can be beautiful on occasions, and the coasts makes for great excursion destinations, but everyone will get used to carrying an umbrella or a poncho. These attributes can become a true fashion statement.

The football craze is the second cultural phenomenon to experience in the UK. It may be that football is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries, but England alone has 40,000 clubs, so you’ll never be at a loss in finding a team to join, or support.

Aside from rumbledethumps and mincemeat pies, you’ll find that curry has become a staple in British cuisine. The variety of curry dishes within the UK are immensely popular, and for good reason. Curry has been recognised as an integral part of the British cuisine, and you’ll likely see dishes served in restaurants and homes all across the United Kingdom.

Lastly, the one experience that everyone should immerse themselves in is British Comedy. From Mr. Bean through Monty Python to James Corden, who has transcended the “pond” to become America’s favourite British funny man, British humour is a world-wide phenomenon. The Brits are well-known for dry, biting, and intelligent humour. It will definitely take some getting used to, but not to worry, once you get a hang of it, you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter in no time.

The Future

The depth of academics, professors, lectures and topics make the expectations of studying in the UK very high and rightfully so. There is no other place in the world so intellectually challenging and satisfying at the same time. There is no place that blends tradition and innovation quite like universities in the UK. There is no place that allows students to experience such diversity, languages, foods and cultural pluralism.

A UK education opens doors no matter where you find yourself. The degrees are highly valued worldwide. UK’s higher-degree institutions top employer reputation rankings. As one of the world’s top five countries for industry-university collaboration, you can find access to practical work-placements designed to help you get a running start in the “real world”. These include volunteering opportunities, internships, and university societies.

Having completed your degree, you are bound to leave with a competitive edge with the world being your oyster. Whether you decide to stay in Great Britain, move back to wherever home may be, or look at opportunities worldwide, having completed your degree in the UK will leave you with amazing memories, experiences and friendships to cherish your whole lives. Make the most of your time there. Take in the big city experience and the vibe of the smaller towns. Attend big institutions and try short-term courses at smaller, specialised schools. You will have the time of your life!