Your citizenship, age and capacity to perform legal acts. Check the eligibility criteria of a Golden Sand Bank customer.

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Golden Sand Bank Customer's eligibility criteria


Citizenship & Identity Document

You are a citizen and have a valid ID card or passport of Gibraltar, Republic of France, Federal Republic of Germany, People’s Republic of China, Macao Special Administrative Region, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

You are a citizen and hold a passport or Full / Provisional Driving Licence with a photo issued by the United Kingdom.


Age of Majority

To become a Golden Sand Bank customer, you must be of age according to the laws and regulations of your citizenship country.


Capacity to Perform Acts in Law

You have full capacity to perform legal acts, including entering into the Agreement.


Successful ID & Address Verification

We can verify your ID through video chat, including your address confirmation either with your ID or your utility bills (e.g. gas, electric, water or fixed line telephone, credit card bill, tax bill, but not a mobile phone bill).

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