Multicurrency Brokerage

Multicurrency Brokerage integrated with your global Personal Account. Trading stocks, ETFs, government and corporate bonds from major exchanges in Europe, United States and Asia. No currency conversion for buy and sell transactions. Fully manageable directly from your smartphone.

At a Glance

Manage your investments in four currencies – GBP, EUR, USD and HKD

  • Stocks, ETFs, government and corporate bonds in one place;
  • Leading markets from five countries: USA, UK, Germany, France and Hong Kong;
  • Integration with banking – trade financial instruments directly from your global Personal Account;
  • Fully functional mobile app to place and follow your trades;

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Integration with banking

No need of a separate brokerage account. Multicurrency Brokerage is fully integrated with your global Personal Account, so you can instantly buy and sell financial instruments directly from the global Personal Account in corresponding currency.

No currency conversion

Full integration between Multicurrency Brokerage and banking means trading in four different currencies. There is no need for currency conversion, if your personal account in the matching currency holds sufficient funds. Trading in all available markets does not require any currency conversion.

Access to a wide range of instruments from leading markets

Access from mobile and internet application to stocks, ETFs, government and corporate bonds from the UK, USA, Germany, France and Hong Kong through Golden Sand Bank. Full access to those markets requires Free of Charge Personal Accounts in the corresponding currencies: GBP, EUR, USD and HKD.

24/7 Order Management

No matter if a chosen stock exchange is closed or open right now. Orders can be sent anytime. Once the exchange opens, an order will be placed.

Customer oriented platform

Fully functional mobile app for Android and iOS or website for desktop and laptop. Designed to be simple, with all essential features. Place and follow your trades anywhere you go.

Regulated and secured

Golden Sand Bank is registered in the European Union and its technology and services are fully compliant with high banking and investment services regulatory standards and follow the Investment Regulation.

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