Personal Account

Free of Charge Global Personal Account. Fully functional, multicurrency account for global finance management. Unlimited international transfers. Prestigious Visa Card. Single account for Brokerage and Investment Portfolios management.

At a Glance

Free Global Bank Account in four currencies – GBP, EUR, USD and HKD

  • Open digitally in 10 minutes via our mobile app or online application form;
  • No entry or usage barriers - no opening fee, no monthly fee, no minimum balance;
  • Low-cost currency conversion;
  • One Visa Infinite or Visa Classic card to pay in four currencies;
  • Linked directly to all banking and investment products;
  • Fully manageable from a smartphone or a computer.

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International Transfers

Unlimited international transfers. Receiving and sending money globally. All global major payments systems supported and selected automatically for the most efficient money transfer in terms of time and cost.

Internal Transfers

Managing your Savings, Investment Portfolios, Brokerage and Visa Card in real-time. All transfers within Golden Sand Bank products are free of charge.


Global Personal Account is available in GBP, EUR, USD and HKD. The basic currency of Golden Sand Bank is GBP. All fees & charges are quoted and debited in GBP or its equivalent in the respective currency of the account.


Access to cash via all ATMs in the world supporting Visa.

Card Payments

Visa Card transactions in GBP, EUR, USD and HKD are debited directly from the respective currency account you hold without currency conversion.

Interest Rates

No interest payable on Global Personal Account in any currency. No hidden fees and charges either.

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