Global Savings accounts in four different currencies. Free to open and maintain. Immediate access to your money without losing accumulated interest. No monthly payment commitments. You contribute to your Savings whenever you like.

At a Glance

Free Global Instant Access Savings in four currencies – GBP, EUR, USD and HKD

  • Open digitally in 10 minutes via our mobile app or online application form;
  • No entry or usage barriers - no opening fee, no monthly fee, no minimum balance;
  • Instant access savings designed for collecting funds without the necessity of determining amount and period of deposit;
  • Access to funds at any time without loss of interest;
  • No interest rates thresholds, same interest rates for all funds;
  • All Customers receive our top interest rate, regardless of the amount;
  • Fully manageable from the smartphone and computer.

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Internal Transfers

You can transfer funds from the Savings account in all four currencies to your Global Personal Account in real-time and free of charge.


Savings can be kept in GBP, EUR, USD and HKD. The basic currency of Golden Sand Bank is GBP. All fees & charges are quoted and debited in GBP or its equivalent in the respective currency of the account.


You have an instant access to your cash savings through your Global Personal Account.

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